9 Amazing Benefits of Travelling Insurance in Pakistan

If you’re planning a vacation or enjoyment, there is a risk involved in international travel. You may arrive at your destination to find that your personal items baggage has gone missing. A personal emergency may require an early return to your country of origin. But what would happen if, while away from home, you or one of your family members gets ill or injured? A medical emergency could require hospitalization or any other treatment. So, in order to deal with such situations, it is your insurance that will prove to be great assistance. Check out further how an insurance policy can make your traveling experience better.

Apki Insurance Ensuring Your Safety During Travelling

Apki Insurance is all about something your safety at all levels. When it comes to traveling, specifically in the present situation when COVID-19 is challenging the life of every single person, it is really very important for you to get yourself ensured. Here is how Apki Insurance works for traveling.

Apki Insurance policy is the one providing travel safety benefits and emergency assistance for short-term travelers. The period typically coincides with the beginning and ends of a holiday or business trip outside the traveler’s country of residence and can range from as short as 15 days to as long as two years. Apki insurance is designed to allow travelers to get sufficient travel-related benefits. It also prevents people from unforeseen financial problems. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with travel insurance:

Medical emergency

Accident & Illness Medical Cost will include compensation for the emergency care costs that you pay out of your pocket when you travel.

24-Hour Support service

24-Hour assistance, with a full variety of facilities can be availed. This 24-Hour Support will help if you have a medical emergency, need legal aid, emergency travel plans, or real-time weather forecasts.

Accidental 24-Hour Death & Dismemberment

“Apki insurance” assists you in getting your claim process if you accidentally lose any of your limbs or in case of death.

Health Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation

If you suffer and recover from sickness or accident while traveling and in these extreme conditions you are unable to find any proper and immediate assistance, only your travel insurance policy can be of help to you at this time. Emergency medical evacuation can be arranged for you to be shifted to a secure hospital.

Medical Repatriation can also be arranged if you need to return home for adequate or long-term treatment. Repatriation of remains can be managed to be returned if you die outside your country of residence.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Evacuation

The advantage of non-emergency ambulance evacuation would be proper arrangement of transportation so that you can safely get to your destination in case of natural calamity or political, economic, or military unrest.

Canceling the ride

Travel Cancelation allows for the redemption of non-refundable travel and deposit fees. For example, if you have an ear infection, and your doctor advises that you shouldn’t travel, the expenses will be covered.

Journey Disruption

It often happens that due to sickness or any other unplanned reasons, you need to postpone your travel. In case if you finish your trip early or start your journey with any delay, here trip-interruption offers compensation for non-refundable travel and deposit payments.

Delaying travel

Travel Delay will reimburse you for housing, meals, and local transportation costs if you are somehow delayed on the way.


Apki Insurance is an approved agency of the insurance listed companies offering free services with insurance policies available at market rate. Your policy will be provided directly by your insurance provider’s choice, and they will manage all claims.

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