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Our panel consists of trusted household names from the insurance industry.

Car insurance provides financial coverage in case of damages to your vehicle due to road accident, fire, theft etc. and covers the expenses for vehicle repair, third part liability and alike.
Our comparison tool is specifically designed to provide you hassle free experience, making it simple and fast, just how you want it.

In short, we don’t believe that you need to waste your precious time by searching and calling different insurance providers, just to find a better car insurance plan that fits your budget and give you a better peace of mind.
To save a good amount of money on your car insurance, prices may differ from company to company.

Nowadays you can search for a comparison platform like that allow users to search and compare 10+ insurance companies side by side at the same time, get the best quotes instantly and buy your policy straight from the website.

We are confident by using our comparison tool you will be able to find a better car insurance without compromising on services or benefits.
Before you dish out a hefty amount to your car insurer, you must check what is covered and what`s not in your car insurance policy.

It’s always a good practice to look into coverage details before you buy it. The everyday wear and tear of mechanical and perishable parts e.g battery, tyres, suspension, engine, interior and all the internal damages are not covered until they are damaged at the same time when the accident happened.
Enter your car detail on our website, compare quotes from different insurance companies, and schedule a survey. Once survey is done and cover note is issued, make payment online using multiple payment options on our website and get covered.
The first thing after you met an accident or someone hit your car is to call your car insurance provider`s helpline number and inform them about the accident.

This is the first step towards having to claim your auto insurance. Do keep in mind they probably ask you for your unique insurance policy number which is written on the insurance certificate. The insurance company will assign you a surveyor that will examine your car and will start the process.
There is nothing more important in life than family, any extra measures we can take to ensure their safety are worth it trackers help in tracking the whereabouts of our loved ones, it can help with reducing the chances of car getting stolen and recovering of stolen vehicle.

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Our panel consists of trusted household names from the insurance industry.

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