Get $50k Coverage of Schengen Travel Insurance for Rs. 1,900

At the lowest premium of PKR 1900/- we deliver $50k in your Schengen destination

A Schengen Visa can take you to designated destinations of your good choice. The ease of access to all countries with a single visa is a matter of privilege. But we do understand but even this privilege comes with a few hindrances.

We at Apki Insurance are at your service to provide you with the best traveling insurance packages.

Apki insurance offers a wide variety of travel insurance packages for our clients to choose from. These packages are worked thoroughly by our agents with our sponsors.

Our main emphasis is to get the lowest premium for our clients with the maximum claim available. Going as low as PKR 1900, the premiums offered by our sponsors, makeup, for the best travel insurance packages.

We make sure that we save you from the trouble of spending extra money. We value our partnership with you.

We offer a wide range of services in Apki Insurance Schengen Travel Insurance Package which includes reliable insurance transactions in all Schengen countries. Our client representatives can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world. These representatives ensure delivery of services with the minimum information required from you related to the situation for which you want to avail the Insurance Policy. We believe in swift delivery of our services whenever you require them.

Apki Insurance has a firm policy that our clients must enjoy their stay with luxury and comfort at all Schengen destinations. These destinations have been included in our packages with added benefits of a mutually beneficial travel insurance policy. We offer discounts at premium locations in various Schengen countries so that you can enjoy traveling with the best packages across the globe.

Apki Insurance is the best travel partner when it comes to travel insurance. You can roam freely without being worried about anything else except the travel adventures. We make travel much more fascinating for you with our exclusive Apki Insurance Schengen Travel Insurance Package. These packages can be tailored according to your travel plan and the utility of various services during your journey.

Your security and safety is our prime responsibility. In case of any eventuality the wide network of services offered by Apki Insurance make sure that you are approached in due time with ease of access. We offer a caring policy that would help you out in any situation that may arise during traveling.

The details of our Travel insurance packages have been made available on the Apki Insurance website. These packages are made according to the ease of access rules and all details are available on our website with an easy-to-understand interface. Our prime objective is to develop a mutual trust with our clients so we do not keep any hidden terms while offering you our Schengen Travel Package.

We strongly believe in developing a mutual trust with our clients.

To get a quote please click on the following link and choose the package of your choice

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