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Portal Terms and Conditions

1. General
These Terms and Conditions (the Portal Terms and Conditions) govern the use of this Portal and
by using the Portal you are deemed to have accepted them. Please read them carefully from
beginning to end. If you do not wish to be bound by the Portal Terms and Conditions you should
not use the Portal.

From time to time our Portal policies and these Portal Terms and Conditions may be changed or
updated to meet applicable requirements and standards or for commercial reasons. Therefore,
Customers are encouraged to visit these sections frequently in order to be updated on the
changes to the Portal. We will post the amended version on the Portal and they will apply to any
transaction or use of the Portal from the date of posting. However new terms and conditions will
not apply to transactions undertaken and fulfilled in their entirety before their posting in
amended form.

If you are purchasing an insurance Policy through this website you should also read the terms
and conditions of the Participating Insurer (Insurer’s Terms and Conditions) which is selling the
Policy to you and which will be contained in the Model Policy on the My Quotes page. Those
Insurer’s Terms and Conditions will exclusively govern the terms of the transaction between you
and the Participating Insurer concerned. These Portal Terms and Conditions govern your use of
the Portal.

Section 18 of these Portal Terms and Conditions applies to insurance broking advice rendered
from time to time by Apki insurance Solutions Company to customers as a result of referrals from the
Portal. It does not apply to the sale of policies by Participating Insurers via the Portal.

The services of this Portal are made available by Apki insurance Solutions Company

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