Savings May Not Save You But Health Insurance Can

Do you have health insurance covered? Will you get yourself health insurance? Or have you ever wondered whether it is a necessity? The level of ignorance about insurance products and services is beyond the imagination.

There are many myths around this subject which results in ignorance and apathy towards insurance. Initially, it was thought only ‘uneducated’ people don’t know the truth and facts about health insurance but in reality, well-informed people are more in the quantity who think ‘we will see when any inconvenience happens’. 2020 has been one of the most difficult years for everyone; especially for the ones who lost their loved ones either because they couldn’t afford it or didn’t take covid-19 seriously.

If only people could take health insurance seriously, many lives of people could be saved. But the sad reality is, here hardly people believe in health insurance. In tough times, through difficult moments, on days when you need a helping hand. Health Insurance would be right by your side. They have made a promise to keep everyone protected and follow that promise every single time. There is a vast information gap between consumers and the insurance industry people. So, first, you need to have knowledge about insurance, as there might be several questions that would disturb one person. For example:

What is health insurance?

Health Insurance is a protection that covers the full or a portion of the risk of an individual bringing about restorative costs, spreading the risks over numerous people.

By evaluating the overall risks of health and health system expenses over the risk pool, an insurer can develop a routine finance structure, such as a monthly premium or payroll tax, to provide the money to pay for the health care benefits specified in the insurance agreement. Health insurance covers and provides all medical assistance during emergencies.

In developing countries like Pakistan. Health insurance is essential for everyone; it behaves like a shield in an emergency.

Do you think it’s not necessary?

You need insurance because losses and misfortunes occur from time to time. In most cases when incidents such as fires, sicknesses, motor accidents, and death occur, you are not prepared for the financial consequences that follow. We see cases where people have to borrow money from friends and relatives who, unfortunately, in most cases are often short of money and therefore do not help much.

Sometimes it gets worse when a person has to sell their things to pay for their medical bills and the patient whose bills need to be paid dies, which is a great tragedy. Insurance will not stop such deaths or losses from occurring. But it will definitely help cushion those who have suffered losses by availing funds to cover the insured losses.

Can it be your best decision?

Life has a lot of uncertainties, by buying health insurance your life can be a little on track. The most significant benefit of health insurance includes the protection of family and your peace of mind.

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